Music Shelf With Mustard Partnership

Big news!

The Daily Drunk has recently partnered with Muic Shelf With Mustard. Our plan is to provide both our communities with cross-site articles, interviews, submissions, and more.

Since its launch in 2020, Music Shelf has interviewed over 200 independent musicians from all over the globe.

Music Shelf got their start by supporting independent musicians on TikTok. It was Music Shelf’s goal to help promote and hype up artists, all while creating a fun and welcoming environment.

“This is a great opportunity to grow our communities,” Music Shelf said. “I know we have a lot of fun thing planned for the rest of the year and I cannot wait to share them all!”

Our first collaboration takes place in two weeks. Music Shelf and Daily Drunk will host our first-ever submission reading period. The them is: My First CD.

We would love to see some poems about My Chemical Romance, Green Day, and other pop punk favorites.

Start writing your pieces now!

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