Jurassic Bar

So one night a velociraptor came in
To use the crapper, he said ‘aye mate
it would be great if you’d give me the key’

I said sure buddy here you go
and in he went when a couple
Of birds flew in and said 

‘Aye mate it would be great if we got free beers’

I said sure birds here you go
watch out for the pervy Spinos
they’re always trying to sleep
with other dinos

not in my bar take it elsewhere
you may drink but don’t be a dick

if you’d fancy a date go meet in a field

Maybe you’ll meet a Pterodactyl

Soon enough came out that velociraptor
he flushed like asked and received applause
He was mid-sentence about to order a drink

When in walked a Tyrannosaurus Rex

The velociraptor said ‘aye mate what the heck’
They brawled, it came to a draw, and I summoned a hex

‘Everyone out!’ I shouted 

and out they left

It was a night at my Jurassic Bar

That I’ll never forget 

Zach Watson loves dinosaurs. He prefers Jurassic Park to Jurassic World. You can follow him on Twitter at @WatsonWondered

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