Plastic Dinosaurs

Seven years ago
I bought fifty dollars worth of plastic dinosaurs,
And hid them in your shoes,
Coffee cups,
Boxes that wouldn’t be opened
For at least another year,
Hoping that when you found them you might stop
Hum a note,
And think about me
Sneaking the carnotaurus
Into some forgotten spot.

Last year the coffee shop downstairs
Bought fifty dollars worth
Of plastic dinosaurs, and hid them
On shelves,
Behind the register,
High above tables.
When I see them I stop
Hum a note,
And think about you
Sneaking a hot cup of coffee onto the side table
Just before the alarm rang.  

Shaemus Spencer is a trans/queer animator and writer. They have been or will be published in Trampset, MoonPark Review, Bending Genres, and several other great mags you should be reading instead of this bio. They live in western New York, but their heart is in West Virginia.  

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