Two Dino Poems By Graham Bibby


Terry terradactyl

Popped a little sleeping pill

He would have been a sleeping still

If he hadn’t flown into a big old hill

Smacked into a brontosaurus

Who said ‘ How come you never saw us?’

Terry says he’s taking forty winks

We know what brontosaurus thinks

Terry’s words are slurred

His beak is bent

And his flying stinks!


Bertram Brontosaurus

Born April 26th, a Taurus

Joined the Am-Dram chorus

Bertram hopes it will not bore us

They’re doing Brigadoon

Though Berty couldn’t carry a tune

In a bucket

But he says fuck it

Swiggs a bottle or two of vodka

Before heading out to do the Opera

Better stick to karaoke

If you don’t want other Dino’s

To think you’re just a brontojokey

Graham Bibby can be followed on Twitter @gtmaddison

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