100-word Film Review: Portrait of a Lady on Fire

They say beauty alone can’t singularly make a film brilliant.
However, Portrait of a Lady on Fire struts its beauty through Celine Sciamma’s wonderful direction of her two main leads – women on two different ends of the social ladder. One, a woman not in control of her own intimate life, longing for freedom; the second, a talented artist beholden to the patriarchy.
The gorgeousness of the two leads radiates from the phenomenal lighting used throughout. The intimacy between the two blossoms like embers erupting into flame.
In a world dominated by intense action and fast-paced editing, there isn’t much room for films that take a soft, quiet approach to telling its story. Yet, for all of the struggle to find a film that takes its time, lengthens scenes, and uses ambient sound comes one of the most beautiful films in recent history.

Scott Niemi – Radio/TV/Film major from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. Ended up in a totally different profession (Tennis Professional) than I had intended. I haven’t published anything but reviews to a crappy youtube page – The Reel Frame of Mind. @ScottNiemi2

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