An Email on my Upcoming Zoom Presentation: Escaping and Avoiding COVID-specific Doomsday Cults

Hello and Good Day,

I hope this email finds you well! I write to offer the exciting opportunity to register for my series of Zoom or in-person cult escape and avoidance seminars (register here).

I am sure you have recently been approached about joining a COVID-focused Doomsday Cult, I know I have! This is happening with good reason; we are living in scary times. Many believe that COVID is the harbinger of the apocalypse, the rider on the pale horse.

That is concerning. Perhaps you’ve already joined a cult and need to escape. If you are not sure, here are five common cult warning signs:

  • Within a cult, the leader is the ultimate authority. Cult leaders refuse to relinquish control or allow followers to listen to outside influences. If your group is doing this it is a bad sign.
  • Within a cult, the group suppresses skepticism. Suppression is a horrible and destructive behavior. Skepticism is critical. Trust me.
  • Within a cult, the group de-legitimizes former members. If your organization does this — get out. My group recently had de-legitimizers attempt this poisonous activity, we made them leave.
  • Within a cult, the group is paranoid about the outside world. You should be suspicious of this behavior.
  • Within a cult the leader is above the law. In a healthy group everyone is accountable. I am an expert in accountability.

If any of these five signs are how your present organization operates, that is bad. Are you still feeling confused? Perhaps you should come check out my group: The Light of Truth, short form: The Light. We offer many exciting seminars on clarity and purpose. The Light will help you rise above the confusion.

Maybe you are not currently part of a cult, congratulations! Despite that positive situation, do you still sense the impending destruction of society? Maybe you are pursuing salvation while screaming your existential terror into a flimsy cloth mask and internally asking: “What is my purpose?”

The Light’s seminars will solve all these problems, and more. The Light is salvation. The Light shuns de-legitimizers (register here).

Even better than Zoom is in person attendance! We have free donuts and coffee for all guests. We meet in the basement of the 17th Street Comic Shop, thrice daily. If you wish to achieve clarity, these meetings are critical. You must have faith in The Light. Members of The Light are trustworthy. Keep that in mind, so you can avoid cults, and anyone not part of The Light. Follow The Light. Shun the de-legitimizers (register here).

In summation, the end times are upon us. COVID is the rider on the pale horse, the harbinger of the apocalypse. Destruction presses in on all sides. Horror is reality. Be afraid. Only The Light offers salvation. Submit to The Light. Shun the de-legitimizers (register here).

If you need to escape a cult, come to The Light. If you need support, come to The Light. The Light is all things. Shun the de-legitimizers. The Light is your salvation (register here).

Stay safe!

The Light

J.B. Stevens lives in the Southeastern United States with his wife and daughter. His writing has been featured in New Pop Lit, Mystery Tribune, Noir Nation, Criminal Element, The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, and numerous other publications. He is a veteran of the Iraq war where he earned a Bronze Star. Prior to the war, he was an undefeated Mixed Martial Arts Fighter. J.B. graduated from The Citadel. He can be found online @IamJBStevens and

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