Cul de Sac

The squirrels are fat.
With an abundance
of beach and oak,
they don’t hunger.
More nuts fall here
than on other streets.
Squirrels hide them
deep in fertile soil.

They climb to build
comfy penthouse
nests amid branches
pruned by arborists.
One sees good fur
attire on display.
Each silvery coat
fits as if bespoken.

The squirrels live
long, active lives
without real threats
from any predators.
They follow in their
elders’ paw prints.
Wise old squirrels
set good examples.

Here, at this address,
gardeners maintain
correct appearances.
They don’t work on
other streets, where
thinner squirrels live.

Sarah Henry is retired from a major newspaper. Her recent publications or acceptances include Willow Wept Review, Perspectives, Pure Slush, Founders Favorites and Rue Scribe. Sarah lives and writes in a small Pennsylvania town. She does not have a cat.

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