Game Day

Getting ready for a Bills game,

  there is much we must do.

A check-list will be needed

  before we are through.

Start buying supplies

  a few days before.

Don’t wait till the big day.

  Be ready when you walk out the door.

Attach the Bills’ flags

  on top of your car.

Let the world know

  exactly who you are.

Pack up the cooler

  with food, pop, and beer.

Bring plenty of goodies

  in case more friends appear.

You have to leave early.

  Do not hesitate.

It’ll give you plenty of time

to have fun and tailgate.

Time to head in

  and enjoy watching the game.

We’ll cheer for the Bills

  without any shame.

After the game is over,

  it’s time for us to go.

We can’t leave the parking lot

  because the traffic is too slow.

Finally made it home.

  It sure was a lot of fun.

We’ve become true Bills fans,

  regardless of the outcome.

Nelson R. Locher is a life-long Buffalo Bills fan. He writes rhymes about life in Western New York. Several have been published in The Buffalo News, WestWard Quarterly, Ariel Chart and, of course, The Daily Drunk.

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