1.      Who is General Tso?

2.      Are we supposed to know who he was?

3.      Are we supposed to be impressed?

4.      Will his chicken taste better if I know who he was?

5.      Do I have to study Chinese military history before I order dinner?

6.      Is it supposed to be General Tso’s own chicken and he’s sharing


7.      If he’s sharing it, wouldn’t he keep the best pieces for himself?

(Because if I were a general, I would.)

8.      Is it his recipe?

9.      Did he make it himself?

10.     If he made it himself, doesn’t he have something better to do than

make chicken?

11.     Like maybe leading an army?

12.     If he didn’t make it, who should be getting credit?

13.     Who does General Tso think he is, taking credit for somebody

else’s recipe?

14.     How would he like it if someone slapped their name on one of his

successful military campaigns? Like Chef Chung Loo’s Victorious


15.     How many calories in a serving?

MARK NUTTER has been published in Havok, Mystery Weekly, Dear Leader Tales, and the Daily Drunk Magazine. He’s written a short fiction collection (‘Sunset Cruise on the River Styx’), musicals (‘ReAnimator the Musical’), television (‘SNL,’ ‘3rd Rock from the Sun’) and film (‘Almost Heroes’). Twitter: @mknutter33

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