Place in Hell: A List


There’s a special place in hell for…

…people who say, “Oh my days!” on national television.

…Zoom conference calls which begin with the words, “I hope you and your loved ones are well.”

…the Autoplay function on YouTube.

…rejection letters which use the phrase ‘the standard was exceptionally high’ – as if that makes rejection any fucking easier.

…those who say, “Oops!” instead of “Sorry.”

…the current vogue for saying, “There, I’ve said it.”

…the use of the words ‘vinyl’ and ‘warmth’ in the same sentence – unless it’s to describe the intro to ‘Bigmouth Strikes Again’ by The Smiths.

Michael McGill is a poet from Edinburgh, Scotland who has recently had work published by Lunate, FEED, 24 Unread Messages, The Cabinet of Heed and detritus. He also has work forthcoming in Rejection Letters and Dreams Walking. You can follow him on Twitter @MMcGill09 or on Instagram @michael7209.

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