Little Flower

after Servant 

Beckon the bud by a Bible compressed,

St. Brigid’s cross, cap-sleeved nightdress to bloom

a baby’s withered grey lavender flesh.

The lesser of saints with virginal womb 

pities the harlot’s milk unexpressed, grief 

reprieve in the shape of a doll, lessens 

all sanctions of mortality brief.

Resurrection, with biblical lessons, 

requires a chastened belief.  Redemption,

a gift, removable like a thief in

the night to spite the vain transgressions 

within historical brownstone hidden.

Though she worshiped what she saw on TV,

the lesser of saints finds you unworthy. 

Kristin Garth is the author of seventeen books of poetry including Flutter Southern Gothic Fever Dream, The Meadow and Candy Cigarette Womanchild Noir. She is the Dollhouse Architect of Pink Plastic House a tiny journal and has a weekly sonnet podcast called Kristin Whispers Sonnets. Visit her site and talk to her on Twitter @lolaandjolie

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