Alternative Menu for Restaurants Planning COVID Indoor Dining

Welcome Back to the 20’s Prohibition 
Speak Not-So-Easy New Year’s Eve Dinner 
Loss of Taste Tasting Menu

Flatline Flatbread

Shortness of Breath Short Ribs with Pulmonary Disease Polenta

Loss of Smell on the Half Shell

Oxygen Oxtails

Weak Pulse de Leche and Intubate with Almond Paste

Severe Cough-y and Weak Tea

Ambulance reservations available upon request. Cedars-Sinai Hospital ventilator wait times vary.

Jennifer Shneiderman is a writer living in Los Angeles. Her work has appeared, or is forthcoming, in Indolent Book’s HIV Here and Now, The Rubbertop Review, the Poetry in the Time of COVID-19, Vol 2, anthology, Variant Literature, Bright Flash Literary Review, Wingless Dreamer and Trouvaille Review. 

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