Death Be Not Proud

Inspired by accounts of near death experiences posted on Buzzfeed 1/4/2021

They told me I was dead for three minutes. I got hit by a car. There was a nice, dark nothingness, which felt kind of cozy, but I also knew it was the end, so I’d better not. Like, I wasn’t supposed to be enjoying it, because if I embraced it too much, I would die. I looked up, and there was a bright light with a hand poking out making the “come here” gesture. I walked toward it and started hearing loud clanging and woke in the hospital. They told me I almost died. I said, “Oh yeah?” They explained a bunch of stuff and then offered me a grilled cheese. I had Doritos, too.

Howie Good’s latest poetry collection, Gun Metal Sky, is due in February from Thirty West Publishing,

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