Snowman Invasion

Aliens from a frigid planet,
     wanted to take control of earth.
They were looking for power,
     and everything it was worth.

They sent an army of snowmen,
     who they thought couldn’t be killed.
These soldiers were the best,
     fearless and very skilled.

Because it was winter,
     the army would stay cold.
All were ruthless assassins,
     doing exactly what they’re told.

Soon after they landed,
     millions marched in the streets.
The mission was for surrender,
     for earthlings to retreat.

No weapons could stop them,
     monsters made of snow.
They continued to move forward,
     takeover was a complete go.

Something unexpected happened,
     their plan had a major flaw.
Mother Nature saved the day,
     by creating a January thaw.

Nelson R. Locher started writing poetry at a young age, but it was a private hobby. He kept his work to himself for many years and never thought of going public until he joined the Hamburg Writers’ Group. Since then, over eighty of his poems have been published in The Daily Drunk, The Buffalo News, WestWard Quarterly, Ariel Chart and elsewhere.

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