12 Songs I’m Pretty Sure Were on ‘Jock Jams’ (But I Could Be Wrong)

“Do the Sweat!” – Slap Factory

“Taste the Sweat” – Creep Ltd.

“Jump and/or Sweat” – Sprinklersystem

“Loud Sweat” – Direct2Consumer

“Sweaty-Eyed Jim” – Hillbillyz

“Sweat Pump” – Boink Bros.

“Be Ba De Ba Doot Do Do (The Sweating Gerbil)” – Clench N’ Release

“S.W.E.A.T.” – The Castro District Arts Council

“Yo! (The Yo! Song)” – Charles Sweat

“Wamp! (There’s the Sweat)” – Mixed Doubles

“Perspiration, Innit!” – Chubbythin Bloke

“Sweat Sonata” – The Jock Jams Symphony Orchestra

Adam Campbell-Schmitt is a writer and editor living in the New Jersey suburbs with his wife, son, and dog (in no particular order).

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