Three Poems By Caliche Fields

«forget your past. this is your future!»

brave lil toaster, pls help me thru trauma!

never been so stumped by magnets in my life

and i’ve –failed! – studied physics and drama

but forget the past. we’re now a housewife!

untapped potential of electricity

charging toward some shiny new future

toasted to taste with clever felicity

cause mental abrasions need no suture.

yet, equal parts of this marital bed

have led us to misshapen butter spreads;

breakfast for dinner? european urgency!

husbandry flattered with wifery misread!

and bereft of all it, his mind and head.

thus, it’s sensed: a domestic emergency.

«he’ll make time for you.»

yes, it’s sensed, this domestic emergency!

a temporal project bewitching hexes,

multiversed tricks thru primetime divergency,

all leading towards a battle between sexes. 

for glamorous flourish, enigmas reversed

and radio waves found interlaced

thru superfluous rabbit holes traversed;

the times are forgotten but never replaced!

for the children, illusionary silence.

but, could this m-mastication disgrace?

could collective intent create violence

for another girl’s comedy, distaste?

do these efforts they’ve made pull out the bunny?

or leave the audience with such sweet honey?

«find the goddess within!»

to leave the audience with such sweet honey;

to travel afar thru the world’s clamor;

ambrosia to escape one for the money;

complications against fruits and glamor.

for what’s to expecting thru rain and shine?

these fruitless thoughts lead to no paradise

and thoughtful expectations, no guideline;

so, heed this proper doctoral advice

on the storks and the bees, seems simple enuf:

count your blessings and do eat all your fruit

and think not on loving as locked handcuffs

for iron cut to gold ever transmutes!

there’ll be no break and no moment unruff:

family – and twins! – do not simply compute.

caliche fields lives upon the prehistoric ruins of the permian basin; an ma candidate specializing in the poetry of sor juana inés de la cruz. they’re rooted in interdisciplinary natures and their work dwells within the kitchen, it’s sciences and philosophies.

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