What to Watch in 2021

Television got us through the hell-scape that was 2020. Luckily, absolutely nothing has drastically changed for the better in 2021! So it’s time to sit back, turn on the TV, and kill some time while waiting for the vaccine to become readily available at your Walgreens. Here’s all the best shows to look forward to in 2021:

Emily in Paris

She’s back, and this time, she’s stateside. With budget cuts at her office, Emily’s boss relocates her to Paris, Iowa, where her assignment is to make bootleg Hawkeye shirts to sell at football games. 

Tiger King

Now that he’s famous, but unable to monetize it, Joe Exotic contracts COVID as a publicity stunt. Carol Baskin details her journey on Dancing with the Stars. Nicolas Cage commits a string of arsons to get imprisoned where he can shadow Joe Exotic to research his role in the Tiger King movie.


The teens are learning from home where they don’t even need makeup because they don’t turn on their cameras in the Google Classroom. 

High Maintenance 

Most of the Guy’s usual clients have relocated to quaint Appalachian towns where they write self-serving articles about why they decided to leave New York. Left without his customer base, the Guy picks up gigs as a Caviar deliverer. 


Without any tourists, the Byrdes can’t launder the cartel’s money, until Marty figures out how to receive more $1200 relief checks. They take too long to arrive and the family can’t make the mortgage payments on their big glass house. 

Black Mirror

All the good ideas feel too relevant. Doesn’t pass screen tests. 

The Flight Attendant

Taking off where we landed last season, Cassie is in as much trouble as the airline industry during the pandemic. While she’s laid off, she reconciles with her alcoholism on the ground like the rest of us, checking her emails and only receiving promotional discount flights from her former airline. 

The Wilds

In the next season, Leah finds out about the others, the Dharma Initiative, Jacob, and the smoke monster.


It’s pretty much the same because every character thinks the virus is a hoax. 

The Office

You have your brother’s ex’s step-dad’s Peacock login, so play seasons 2-5 on repeat until you feel some sense of safety again. 

Joshua Bohnsack is the author of Shift Drink (Spork Press) and his work has appeared in The Rumpus, Hobart, SAND, and others. He is an editor for TriQuarterly and Long Day Press. He grew up on a farm and moved to Chicago.

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