New Reality Shows Fans Have Been Asking For (And Some No One Really Wants)

Practical Jokers – A group of friends prank others in a respectful manner, ensuring that nobody gets hurt physically or emotionally.

Say Yes to the ‘Ironic’ T-Shirt – Upcoming best men visit ‘John’s Custom Shirts’ to design the perfect ‘ironic’ t-shirt for their friend’s bachelor party (and some bring their mother in-law!).

100 Pound Twins – Follows the lives of 7 year-old twins, learning to navigate through life and the hardships of elementary school while weighing EXACTLY 50 pounds each.

Fish Tank – Watch the pleasant sights of a Dentist’s Office fish tank. Featuring clown fish.

Child Swap – Instead of switching wives, how about trading kids? Watch families get a vacation from their children… only to have to endure someone else’s.

I am Electronic Dance Music – Story of a young girl who identifies as EDM. Watch this inspiring journey as she encounters judgement, bullying, and some sick beats.

Curling Wives – Follows the women who are 100% confident that their husbands won’t cheat on them.

Successful – See some of the plastic surgeries that go well.

So You Think You Can Lift a 100 LB Dumbell – Competition for men that insist they can lift more than they can, usually claiming they have a ‘bad knee’.

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