Think You’re a TRUE “This Is Us” and/or “A Million Little Things” Super Fan? TAKE THE QUIZ!

How Much Do You REALLY Know About Your Favorite Television Characters? 

Dan Fogelman is the creator of NBC’s “This Is Us” which is now in season five. DJ Nash is the creator of ABC’s “A Million Little Things” which is now in season three. If you love one or both of these ground-breaking shows, it is time to test out your character knowledge! 

  1. This woman’s husband died, and now she has to raise three kids on her own.

A. Rebecca

B. Delilah

C. Ummm… I’m not sure.

  1. This idealistic black man has a strong wife, a mental health problem, and an almost entirely white support system.

A. Randall

B. Rome

C. This is a trick question.

  1. This female character has two siblings, a dead dad, and musical talent.



C.Is “both A and B” an option?

  1. This guy is the conventionally handsome, washed-up B-list celebrity with an addiction problem.

A. Kevin

B. Eddie

C. So… Mr. Nash and Mr. Fogelman… are you two, like, buddies or something? 

  1. This character is the queer pre-teen who hadn’t come out to their parents yet, but came out first to a trusted adult male character on the show.


B. Daniel


  1. This is the dead guy whose legacy still affects and inspires everyone else in the show, and even in his absence, he is never forgotten.

A. Jack

B. John

C. I think Nash peeked at Fogelman’s notebook when he forgot it at their bro-brunch. 

END OF QUIZ – How did you do?!

If you chose all A’s, you only watch “This Is Us”

If you chose all B’s, you only watch “A Million Little Things”

If you chose all C’s, you watch both and have now learned a new meaning for the phrase: “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”

Kerry Webster Reynolds is a Massachusetts High School Creative Writing teacher who has recently felt a hankering to do some fiction writing of her own. You can find some of her work on @FrazzledHumor. Twitter: @KWebbyRey

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