NASA intercepts intergalactic correspondence acknowledging Earth’s confusing messaging…

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, known as NASA, reported yesterday that it has recently intercepted intergalactic written correspondence confirming, once and for all, the existence of aliens and other planetary life forms.

Demonstrating clear evidence of galactic “wokeness” in its decision to no longer address its cosmic constituents as “Little Green Men,” (opting instead for the more gender-inclusive sobriquet, “Extra-Terrestrialx”), the letter, penned from the treasurer of The Guild of Aliens, Raëlians and Celestial Navigators sought to clear up recent confusion in the inter-planetary community about the sudden emergence of round circles on the earth’s surface.

According to the missive, while the Guild recognizes the importance of crop circles that are visible from outer space as a way of “demarking possible entry points for the inevitable invasion, siege and hostile takeover of earth,” it acknowledges confusion about the message that earth’s political overlords are trying to communicate to their galactic neighbors with these so-called “social-distancing” circles.

Popping up in parks, playgrounds and makeshift outdoor dining spaces in such major cities as New York, Toronto and Milan, the letter indicates that while the “best and brightest minds” from within the cosmos have been working around the clock to “decipher their encrypted meaning,” as of this writing, galactic scholars remain flummoxed.

Andrew Scott lives in Toronto, Canada, in a house amongst children, antiquated technology of yesteryear and many, many instruments. From this location, he makes music, writes letters, narrates radio dramas, composes poems and submits journalistic pieces.

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