I am Your Soulmate in Row 3 of 19th Cent Eur Hist

Dear Dr. Hubbler,

I know you know who I am.  Our eyes have locked several times as you scan the lecture hall while you’re speaking.  If I’m not mistaken I think everyone has noticed our personal chemistry from these brief moments of deep connection.

You are by far the best professor I’ve had in my whole three semesters here.  Your knowledge is amazing and your ability to communicate it to us humble students with such enthusiasm and love is inspiring.  I could listen to you all day and never tire of the Industrial Revolution.

I would so like to pay you back for the great education I am getting at your feet.  The cleaning crew here at SDSU isn’t too detail-oriented I’ve noticed, and I wonder if you might like me to come to your office and dust it, entirely at your convenience, any time, day or night.  A tidy workspace is so important for a serious scholar like yourself.  I would be thrilled to contribute to your career, research, or life any way that I can.

I know you are married, having seen you and her at this year’s convocation event, at least I assume that was your wife.  She looked very intellectual, and I have heard she studied chemistry or something scientific in her youth. I’m sure your wife is a busy woman and possibly also not enthralled with your area of expertise as I so much am.

I am utterly dedicated to the study of history, particularly 19th-century Europe like you.  I am sure I will pursue this field in graduate school, possibly even here at SDSU with you.  I find this era of mankind positively engrossing.  I think education is going to be my whole life basically.
So, if you ever need someone to bounce historical ideas and theories off of, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am an excellent listener, aware yet eager to hear your ideas and concepts.  You would find me sophisticated for my age, energetic, and ready to be of service in any capacity.

Let me just sign off now (instead of taking more of your incredibly valuable time) by thanking you for your inspiring class and for sharing the great insights and knowledge you possess.  Yours is truly a noble profession and you are the noblest.

Utterly sincerely,
Tiffany Gibbons
Row 3, Seat 6
T/Th 19C Eur Hist 1204

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