Drunken Karaoke: H.E.R.’s ‘Back of My Mind’

Every now and then, we have artists that come into the industry that are destined for success. American R&B singer, H.E.R. fits this description as her rise to stardom has been a monumental one over the last few years. Exposed to the limelight at a young age after being discovered online for doing music covers under her real name, Gabi Wilson, the artist rebranded herself under stage name in 2016 and has released several EPs and compilation albums over the five years. This June, H.E.R. finally graces fans with the release of her debut album, Back of My Mind.

The hype around her debut has been at an all-time high. Before the album’s release, we have seen the release of three singles, ‘Slide’ featuring YG, ‘Damage’ and ‘Come Through’ featuring Chris Brown. One of my favorite things about H.E.R. is her versatility to have her voice fit to many types of music. Early in her career, her brand was shrouded in anonymity, a strategy similar to that of The Weeknd in his early stages of his career. In numerous interviews, H.E.R. stated that she wants her music to be the voice of many women and the situations they go through in everyday life. She depicts the topics of heartbreak, struggle, and pain very well on the debut album. Back of My Mind also includes features from Ty Dolla $ign, Cordae, Lil’ Baby, Yung Bleu, DJ Khaled & Bryson Tiller.

H.E.R.’s debut album is a solid project to formally introduce old and new fans of the singer. Her sound is very distinct and she has been able to fit various genres of music so effortlessly over the last 7 years. If this is your first time listening to the singer, go back in her catalog and listen to some of the artist’s other projects. You won’t be disappointed. Add Back of My Mind to your playlist this summer by streaming it on all music streaming services.

We Made It

I can’t believe it 

And no I don’t mean Tallahassee 

When I’m talking about the pain

Been a lot of grey clouds

Guess I can stand the rain

Since COVID and Racism wanted to be the new edition

Disbanded more than just a group

Created so much friction

Created so much tension

Created so much division

So much was up for revision

And I made it 

And I’m not talking about the MTV show

We learned so much in 15 months

But we still got a long road

Stuck in fragility

More people need to show humility

Most quick to show agility

Because they’re equipped with the ability 

To think they understand 

The things they couldn’t stand

How you create a new holiday

When you still fail to understand

Thinking they outsmarted us

Like they got the upper hand

They just trying to show progress

The only thing I’m trying to process

Is all these tests I’ve passed yes

Thank you for reading

I’ll take it as I compliment

It really was for you all

I thank you for the content



Used to take over my anatomy

Send help

It felt like people just want to laugh at me

Like my life was meant for standup

When my whole life, it was me that had to standup

We had sit in the back of the bus and now we should stand our ground

You don’t know how many times last year

I just wanted to get home safe and sound

And I heard the trumpets play 

Like in the song, I hope it’s not angels taking me away

Because I got too much time left and many things left to say

Is it worth it?

Trying to identify with our struggle

We haven’t been on the same team

Sharing the same huddle

And when the Friday night lights come

I hope our bodies ain’t chalking up the streets

Stop putting us into cages dangling appropriation at our feet

This movement for change

Is not for the weak

That ain’t measured by you

But the company you keep



Lucky that you had a chance

Two left feet and you couldn’t dance

Like there’s no tomorrow


You didn’t stick around

Lucky I didn’t stand my ground

Like I never had sorrow

And now I hope you don’t think

You was the best

I’m a let you get you off your chest

Need to iron things out because you still pressed 


You still find the time to still press

On my IG stories you still digest

You messed up this main quest

You wanted to have side quests

Now the stock you got was worth nothing

A wasted time to invest 


I can sit back and just laugh

I’ve been perfecting my craft

That place in time was pretty rough

But in all it was just a draft

Reggie Johnson is a poet reigning from Cincinnati, Ohio. Starting at the age of nine, Reggie has been writing poetry through their love of music and life experiences. He has 9 books now available on Amazon. You can follow him on Twitter @r_d_johnson and on IG @rdjohnsonwrites

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