Work Wife

i don’t think that it’s love 

but i think that it’s something 

because on the days i convince myself

you’re what comes out of my wand 

when i make the patronus charm 

i run around the office 

like a kid at a birthday party 

big red smile 

my blood singing 

from too much juice 

& i know you don’t do it for me 

but when you wear that britney spears shirt

the one i asked if you got at myrtle beach i

pretend it actually is for me 

because why the hell not? 

doing my mid-year performance review this week

that’s what made me realize 

when they ask me where i see myself in five years

i close my eyes & say 

creative director 

but what i really see is 

you & me 

at a dumb party 

laughing our butts off 

at nothing 

in particular

Kyle Seibel is a writer in Santa Barbara, CA. His stories have been published in Maudlin House, trampset, and HAD. His tweets, which mostly suck, can be found @kylerseibel.

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