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Tinashe: 333

The road to superstardom has not been an easy road for multi-faceted artist Tinashe, since she arrived on the music scene in 2012 with her critically-acclaimed mixtapes to the release of her debut album in 2014. She departed RCA records after the release of her third studio album, Joyride and decided to go the independent route. Fast forward to 2021, she has returned with a new studio album, 333.

Her latest project marks her second release (fifth overall) independently where she was riding high off the release of her Songs For You album which fans praised her creative direction and her ability to blend different genres to fit her voice. She teased fans of her new album earlier this year with the release of her Buddy-assisted single, Pasadena. Alongside  collaborations with other artists throughout the spring & summer, she kept fans wanting more after the release of her latest single, Bouncin’ which fans fell in love with the visuals for the club ready track. Jeremih, Kaash Paige, Absolutely and her younger brother under the moniker, Quiet Child are featured on 333.

Since day 1, I’ve always been amazed by Tinashe’s artistry as she records, produces and mixes her music to her liking. She stayed true to herself as she wanted to create a sound that describes her as an artist and not what a major record label wanted her to sound like. On this album, elements of Hip-Hop, R&B, Alternative & Pop all come together to form a cohesive project. I’m happy that she has come into her own over the course of her music career. I expect big things to continue from Tinashe. You can listen to 333 on all major streaming services.


X marks the spot

Looking for you will be a treasure

I’m not trying to cause you pain

I just want to stimulate pleasure

We don’t need a ruler 

My love you cannot measure

You like it sensual

You like it harder

It doesn’t matter the texture

Fools gold 

I can’t believe you were someone’s loss

Whatever you say, your wish is my command

Let you be the boss

Can’t believe I gained so much from you

When I felt lost

Learned to not sell myself short, you’re worth the cost

It’s A Wrap

No need for the baggage

My mind has taken enough trips

No longer boarding those flights

So long, that set sail and shipped

Well that’s just the emotions of the ocean

Been level heading, staying afloat

When the tides begin to turn, cognac driving this boat

Don’t have time for the games

No time to sit and gloat

It’s been a wrap for awhile

Been over here making edits

Not at the end of this story

Not time to start rolling the credits

Been working at this so long

And now they acknowledging the presence

I sense greatness is coming so I’m a bask in the essence

Iggy Azalea: End of an Era

Stream Iggy Azalea's Album 'The End of an Era' | Rap-Up

Love or hate her, Iggy Azalea has been one of the most talked about rappers in the music industry over the last ten years. Ever since she jumped on the scene with her debut single, PUS$$Y in 2011, many have questioned several facets of the artist from her lyrical ability, appropriating Hip-Hop culture and more. This month, we saw the Australian artist release her third, possibly final, studio album entitled End of An Era.

Ever since the project was announced, fans have speculated what’s to come from Iggy Azalea in the future if this is indeed her last album. Iggy fanned the flame by teasing the title before the album was announced in the project’s first single, Sip It featuring Tyga. Once confirmed, Iggy went on to release two more singles prior to release entitled Brazil & I Am The Stripclub. The sound the rapper discussed for the project was to be more Pop-driven however incorporating elements that were found in previous studio albums & mixtapes. Listening to the album, I was taken by surprise by the departure from a heavy-hitting Hip-Hop effort as showcased in her second studio album, In My Defense. She switched gears to incorporate EDM and Pop as can be seen on tracks, Pillow Fight, Peach Body & more. If this is truly her last album for a while, I’m happy Iggy Azalea went out on her own terms creating the music she wanted to do. Ever since going independent in 2018, her artistry reached new heights both musically and through her visuals. The artist has stated she will be working on different business ventures during her time away from music. Good luck in all of your endeavors in the future, Iggy Azalea. With all of the controversy you’ve endured, I hope you plan to return to music sometime in the future. You can listen to End of an Era now on music streaming services.


Pay for this flow

This water ain’t cheap

Ain’t upfront

Sometimes it creeps

Wanna compete

I call it a reach

Check the books 

I’m willing to teach

1st and ten

I’m running the offense

Need to lighten up

Looking a lil tense

Building a foundation

While you just on the fence

Ready to pass 

You in the past tense

Have sense

Eyes on my craft

No you can’t touch it

Spilling so much

Can’t even cup it

Never under arrest

No you can’t cuff it

Predicate second

Missing the subject

Guess class in session

Get your pen and paper

Liable to be hot

Sign you a waiver

Get you a life

I’m not a saver

Want to fly to LA

going find you a laker

This Midwest boy

Play with flows like toys 

And when i get called to duty

I seek and destroy 

Pillow Fight

Demeanor reserve

Yet a little aggressive

Usually consistent

A tad bit progressive

When it comes to the pen

I tend to be possessive

As I said, demeanor reserve

Yet I can be expressive

Playtime’s over

This here not for kids

Tricked by the rabbit

It is what it is

Betting against me

I’m taking your bids

Been on they radar

Now I’m going off the grid

Give me the power


Content outta this world

Come visit me

Good for the fitness

Why your resisting me

And to think

You could be missing me

Move out the way

Get out the frame

Things get lit on sight

No maybe 

It’s just might

Nas: King’s Disease II

Nas 'King's Disease II' Album Stream | HYPEBEAST

Nas continues to be one of the most influential rappers in Hip Hop today. In over twenty years in the music industry, Nas received his first Grammy last year for his twelfth studio album, King’s Disease. A year later, Nas is back with the sequel to a project entirely produced by Hit-Boy once again. Aiming  to repeat the same success from last year, the Brooklyn rapper shines once again with the new release.

The formula that Hit Boy and Nas have created over the last few years seem effortless. Nas’ storytelling ability over the heavy hitting production complement each other well throughout the entire project. The album features collaborations from a variety of artists ranging from Eminem, YG, EPMD to a surprise return verse from Lauryn Hill on the track, Nobody. It was refreshing to hear the artist return to make new music after a long hiatus.King’s Disease II is one of the albums that you must listen to close out the summer as the season begins to wind down. This is an album you push play while in your car and just ride to the vibes as there is a plethora to choose from. Nas continues to remain a legend in this Hip Hop industry and at the age of 47, he shows no signs of slowing down. You can listen to his thirteenth studio album on all music streaming services.

The Pressure

Pressure bursts pipes

But not in the way that breaks bones

One finds out about themselves

When you’re all alone

Housing feelings inside 

Not making a happy home

McCauly Culkin mischief when you’re home alone

Don’t let the pressure consume you

Marvel at the challenge

Don’t let it Dr. Doom you

Next phase, we moved on from the Endgame

Don’t let disappointment become apart of your name

Stress is animal

Just waiting to be tamed

Just keep leveling up 

It’s all apart of the game

Count Me In

Count me in

Never count me out

Don’t believe anyone 

Unless it come out my mouth

Might be from Midwest

Play with me, we can take it down south

You will never see me doing this clout

I’m living this life

No success happens without stress

Want more, expect less

One day at a time 

Just stay blessed

Envelope the S on your chest

And be your own Superman

Whichever the wind blows 

Just be your own fan

Self love, self care

Do it for the greater good

Do what’s fair

Leave it all on the line

Uncovered, just bare

I’m just saying a few words

To make everyone aware

Reggie Johnson is a poet reigning from Cincinnati, Ohio. Starting at the age of nine, Reggie has been writing poetry through their love of music and life experiences. He has 9 books now available on Amazon. You can follow him on Twitter @r_d_johnson and on IG @rdjohnsonwrites

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