New Job Blues for Shai-Hulud

  I’m not settling in
    Well at this new
      Job, I’m not sure
          It’s right for me.
              The cubicle is far
                Too cramped and
                There are tanks
              Of water in every
            Corner. It’s unsafe.
          Worst of all are the
        Sounds of my new
      Colleagues tap tap
        Tapping on their
            Desks. Don’t they
              Appreciate how
                    Easily they drift
                        Into a rhythm?
                        And I haven’t even
                            Mentioned those
                              Things around their
                                Heads and pressed
                                Deep into their ears,
                                All quietly pulsing
                                  With a pounding,
                                    Relentless beat.
                                      Are they taunting
                                          Me? A ritual haze
                                            Of the new-start?
                                                Whatever, it takes
                                                    All of my resolve
                                                      Not to slide across
                                                      The smooth floor,
                                                  Opening my maw
                                                To consume them
                                              Wholly complete.
                                            Although I imagine
                                          Eating my colleagues
                                          Would be a sackable
                                          Offence, as time goes
                                            On, I don’t think I care.

Ross Crawford is a writer/scriever based in Stirling, Scotland. He mostly takes his inspiration from the history and nature of Scotland, but also remains forever fascinated by world mythology. He writes in Scots, English, and Gàidhlig. You can find him on Twitter at @RRMCrawford

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