The Gospel of Shawshank

  1. For Jesus to appear we require three 

entities – a female, a male and an ambiguous

Even here, it were Mrs. Dufresne, 

her lover and Elwood Blatch.

  1. I think Tommy Williams was 

the first martyr. Perhaps, Red 

was the first Apostle. The Sister?

Well, no Gospel named 

all the demons narrated!

  1. Was Zihuatanejo the 

Promised Land?

  1. Indeed, there were three 

Mary: Rita Hayworth, Marilyn 

Monroe and Raquel Welch. 

  1. Don’t you think Andy was 

the one from Nazareth while 

Randall Stephens, the Resurrected One?

  1. Could someone clarify if 

Warden Norton was Lucifer 

or the AntiChrist?

  1. Moral of the story?

If you can hammer a wall

If you can swim through shit

If you can break a parole 

You’ll bask in the sands of Freedom!

Ankur Jyoti Saikia (he/ him) is a researcher at a forestry research institute in India with works being published in the Minison Zine, Bluepepper, Sledgehammer Lit, Openwork mag, Holyflea and Pop the culture pill along with anthologies from Paddler Press and Outcast Press.

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